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Imagine how different your life would be if you truly knew how to master your emotions and rid yourself of the feelings of anger and rage.

Almost every person will suffer some form of anger management issues at some stage in their life, it’s unavoidable.Whether it’s an overt form of rage or more subtle forms of frustration. It’s much more prevalent than you think. But most people aren’t equipped with the right mental tools to identify the underlying reasons for their problems, or spot the triggers which set them off.

Katherine Chambers is an Ex-Stanford Psychologist who specializes in all forms neuroscientific and psychotherapy subjects. However it wasn’tuntil she left college life and entered the ‘real world’ did she start to understand these theoretical topics in a practical sense. Over the past 15 years she has built a multi-six figure consulting business and a family of her own.

In this insightful and functional book, Chambersgives readers a firsthand look into the scientific subjects she studied within academia as well as a practical real life guide on how to:

  • Spot the actual causes of your anger
  • Identify the common effects of these factors
  • Taking responsibility for your own emotions
  • Shifting your perceptions about your rage
  • Perform the “Thought Pattern Interrupt” exercise to disrupt negative thinking
  • Adopt conflict resolution techniques to aid with internal anguish as well as relationships
  • Identify the upsides to anger (it’s not all bad)

… and much more.

A Psychologist’s guide toAnger Managementis a mixture of theoretical principles combined with real life practicaladviceon how to spot and control anger issues. The introspective emotional assessment techniques along with the external observation tools will help you alleviate your frustrations for ultimately a more harmonious life.

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